Sunday, 31 March 2013

Big Foot Mama

It was two years from my last concert that I did. Yesterday I was in club Bazen where my best Slovenian rock band performed. Big Foot Mama can still kick asses, the concert or show is more proper word was awesome. Songs from new album, old hits in Slovenian language we would say that the event was ''pocuf''!

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Planica 2013

Couldn't decide what too put on next, so I will just go with the newest thing...... I said to my self, quite long a go, what would I do to stand there where he can. Well apparently I can. For the first time I was part of Planica, not as spectator but as a photographer. After three days I realized that I have to do some things different in the future, so can't wait for next year.

You can find more photos if you click on this text: FLICKR GALLERY 

Or you can find all the photos from the competition weekend on this two links: 


FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Finals Planica 2013, Day Three

FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Finals Planica 2013, Day Three

FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Finals Planica 2013, Day Four

Monday, 28 January 2013

Kriška maountain

Panoramas keep on coming.... this one is from last Sunday (27.1.2013). We finally have snow in Slovenia so I went on a hill called Kriška gora. The up hill part was a little bit tricky due to ice under snow, but the down hill part felt free like a bird... running all the time between trees in the snow... awesome!

Vse fotografije na tej spletni strani so avtorsko delo. Prepovedana je kakršnakoli objava brez dovoljenja avtorja. Kršitve bodo sodno preganjane. Nedovoljena uporaba materiala se zaračuna 300€ na enoto